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DBHDS established the Individual and Family Support Community Coordination Program to assist families and individuals with developmental disabilities on the DD Waiver Waiting List so that they may live, work, and play in their communities.

The IFSP-Community Coordination Program is a partnership made up of:

  1. IFSP Regional Councils: Five coalitions of individuals who are on the DD Waiver Waiting List, family members, caregivers, or providers, working at a grassroots level to increase supports in their communities, and 
  2. The IFSP State Council: A coalition of individuals who are on the DD Waiver Waiting List, family members, or caregivers, that serve as an advisory board to DBHDS.

IFSP State and Regional Council members created the following video to share what IFSP Council work means to them: Video link


Together, DBHDS and the IFSP State and Regional Councils developed Virginia’s Individual and Family Support State Plan and set goals and objectives to support its implementation. Learn more about the IFSP State Council History and the State Plan

For more information, please see the following links for helpful resources:


Connect with your local IFSP Regional Council!

If you have questions about the IFSP-Community Coordination Program, please email IFSP staff at

Would you like to attend an IFSP State Council or Regional Council meeting? Please see our calendar to attend one of our public meetings. Find out about upcoming IFSP events!