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How to be a Successful Renter

Learn about your lease agreement, security deposit, renter rights and responsibilities, and the right way to end your lease. Please click here for more information.

My Own Home Guidebook

This guidebook has information about housing options, resources, and the key steps to take to maintain your own home. Please click here to download the guidebook.

Housing Rights

Are you worried you are not being treated fairly while living in rental housing? Click here for resources on fair housing and landlord-tenant laws.

Flexible Funds

Click here to learn more about available funds to help people in the Settlement Agreement population if they are at risk of losing their housing.  To be considered as someone in the Settlement Agreement population you must meet the following qualifications:

  • be age 18 or older, or be a legally emancipated minor;
  • have a developmental disability as defined in the Code of Virginia;
  • be in one of the following categories:
    • transitioning from a skilled nursing facility, an intermediate care facility, a state training center, a group home or other congregate setting and meet the level of functioning criteria for a Developmental Services waiver; or
    • receiving Building Independence (BI), Family and Individual Support (FIS) or Community Living (CL) Waiver services; or
    • determined eligible for and currently on a waitlist for the BI, FIS or CL Waiver.

DDS Housing Team Contact Information

Have questions about maintaining your housing? There are housing experts across the state of Virginia to help you answer questions about housing. Please click here to access contact information for the DBHDS Housing Team.