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IFSP-Funding provides direct assistance to families and individuals who are on Virginia’s DD waiver waitlist. Individuals with a developmental disability who are on the DD waitlist or their family member are eligible to apply. IFSP funds cover the cost of a variety of items that will help an individual who is living in a community setting. For details on eligible expenses, please visit the IFSP website and review the program guidelines.

To apply, please visit the IFSP website to access the application.

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Funding Application Resources

IFSP FY20 User Guide - Final 12-5-19

Combined Guidelines and FAQ's 2-25-20


Resources to Help You Use Your FY 2020 Award

Allowable Expenses

Tutorial Video

FY 2020 Way2Go Card Frequently Asked Questions

Maximizing your IFSP Funds 12.2019

IFSP Go Card Instructions (English and Spanish ver. 2-20-18)


FY2020 October 1st Incident Updates

IFSP-FUNDING UPDATE -  March 24, 2020

IFSP-FUNDING UPDATE -  February 26, 2020

IFSP-FUNDING UPDATE - December 5, 2019

IFSP-FUNDING UPDATE - October 28, 2019

IFSP-FUNDING UPDATE - October 10, 2019


FY2020 Summary

           IFSP Funding Summary - April 1, 2020